Quality Benchmark Puts Stride on Front Foot

Redditch firm poised to enter major new markets around the world.

Stride Supplies, the UK’s foremost supplier of spring wire has achieved a sought-after BSI certification, opening up new opportunities in global aeronautical engineering markets.

The prEN9120:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certification is recognised around the world as an assurance of operational and product quality in a highly regulated and specialised industry.

It paves the way for the Redditch firm to seek new customers in new markets, said Stride Industrial Group Chairman, Graham Howes.

“We’re delighted that the hard work has paid off. This certification means we can now go after new customers in the aeronautical industry where we have only had fairly limited reach up to now – building on the reputation we’ve established as the country’s leading spring wire stockholder for the automotive, medical and other industry sectors.”

Achieving certification to the necessary standard was a lengthy and rigorous process, which has meant that Stride had to refine and enhance existing operational practices as well as put new measures in place, said George Adams, Stride’s Quality Management Representative, who led the programme.

“The aeronautical industry is a hard market to get into, and the quality standards demanded are very stringent. The industry is very focused on risk, business resilience, product quality and traceability, which is crucial in an industry where the consequences of product failure can be huge.

“Preparation for the certification necessitated a thorough overhaul of Stride’s day-to-day operational and documentation practices,” said Adams. “But that has not only positioned us to exploit opportunities in new markets, it has also worked to the benefit of our existing customers as well. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved.”

Stride Supplies, now in its 35th year, is on track to exceed this year’s sales target, said Sales & Operations Director, Stuart Hipkins.

“We’re growing strongly despite the challenging trading conditions of the past couple of years with continuing global steel price increases. And the ongoing debate over diesel engines is also suppressing demand from some car manufacturers.

“But we’ve spent 30 years honing our supplier base around the world to ensure the highest quality of materials and ethical standards. And work we’ve done in the past couple of years to refine purchasing and stock control has put us in a strong position.

“We’re committed to giving the highest levels of service, quality and reliability – that’s what has put us at the forefront of the UK spring wire industry,” said Hipkins. “And with this important new certification and the opportunities it creates for us, the future is looking bright.” Shahm Barhom, UK Operations Director at BSI said: “Stride should be delighted that they have achieved this certification; with supply chains becoming more complex, the importance of achieving, maintaining and improving quality is vital. This is a great framework for any organisation that wishes to enhance quality and customer satisfaction, continually improve operations and ensure Organisational Resilience.”

Stride Industrial Group Chairman, Graham Howes (centre), and Operations Manager, George Adams (right) receiving the prEN9120:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certification at the BSIUK EMEA headquarters in Milton Keynes from Shahm Barhom, UK Operations Director at BSI.

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