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Phosphated Wire

Phosphated Wire

Also referred to as plain wire, bright wire, or phos-coated wire.

Prior to drawing the wire rod is coated with Zinc or Manganese phosphate.

This together with the drawing lubricant of either Calcium or Sodium Stearate permits higher drawing speeds, gives limited corrosion resistance and is a good lubricant to aid spring coiling.

This traditionally forms the bulk of most spring making requirements, it can then be processed and coated with final finishes such as zinc plating or powder coating to greatly increase cosmetic appearance and corrosion resistance.

Size Range 0.25mm to 20mm
Surface Finishes Phosphated coated, stearate coated
Standards Available to most commonly used specifications but in particular, En10270-1, EN10263-4, BS5216, BS4637, BS4638
Tensile Ranges SL, SM, DM, SH, DH
Packaging Coils, spools, reels, formers (carriers), Z packs, cut lengths
Typical Applications Tension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, wire forms, cold headed fasteners
Market Sectors Aerospace/Aviation, Automotive, Medical, Electrical, General Engineering